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Data protection: Cookie Policy, provisions,contact

1. Foodkoko uses so-called browser cookies(hereinafter "cookie") on all websites in our network in order to usethis website and others from Foodkoko operated websites and applications(hereinafter referred to as "website").

2. Data collection on our websites: When youvisit our websites, we collect statistical data and information about the wayusing web analysis technologies and the use of cookies on the website. Theadvertising you click on is also recorded.

3. How cookies work: Cookies are small textfiles that the browser places on the user's computer. Cookies enable, forexample, text entries that have been made to be saved in the website's formfields so that you do not have to enter them again the next time you visit thewebsite.

4. Cookie settings: You can decide yourselfwhether the web server of our website may save cookies on your computer or not.You have the choice at any time to set your browser so that no cookies areaccepted and saved. You can delete cookies that have already been saved at anytime.

We would like to point out that the use ofindividual functions of our website can be restricted or prevented if youreject cookies from the website. To simplify the use of the website, wetherefore recommend that you set your browser so that cookies from the websiteare accepted.

5. Plugins on our website: Our website usesGoogle Analytics, a web analytics service provided by Google Inc. ('Google').So-called plugins from other providers such as Facebook Inc, Twitter Inc,Google, LinkedIN, YouTube and other providers are also integrated on ourwebsite. If you do not want Facebook, Twitter, Google and others to directlyassociate the data collected via our website with your account, you must logout of these services before visiting our website.

6. Online marketing networks: Foodkoko hasits online marketing measures (eg banner displays) operated in part by nationaland international online marketing networks. Such networks use cookies totailor marketing measures to the recognizable needs of customers. By settingopt-out cookies, you can prevent such online marketing networks from settingcookies and collecting data on your computer.

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