seller guide:

is a multi vendors marketplace that brings together sellers and buyers to transact in a single platform using dedicated map search tools to connect to the nearby food vendor in a different area with up to 5-10 miles search navigation system.   

Foodkoko an online delivery system with three workflows, such as customers, food vendors, and delivery boys system.  


Foodkoko is comprised of 3 ordering systems: seller web portal /app, driver web portal/ app, and customer website/app.These systems work together; the super admin connects these three systems to have inter ordering exchange. 

This is a  contains every food vendor store at the front end; customers access this through website and app. customers are expected to register on the customer system web/app to access all the cuisine available for ordering. All vendors store are listed on the customer app/website system.  

Customers can download the app or register through the customer website via the following links. 

Android link:  

Website link.  

to get the full seller guide , kindly download  pdf file

2.0.0 Seller requirements

To become Foodkoko Vendors or to qualify to sell on the Foodkoko platform  

Sellers must have cooking skills or well-furnished restaurant owner.  

The seller must have many years of cooking experience or be a professional chef or caterer.  

The seller must be specialized in a particular cuisine, a maximum of 8 cuisines. 

The seller must possess excellent skills in the online management system. 

The seller must have working mobile phones to manage his or her store with foodkoko.  

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